In Office Workshop: Feb 12, 2018 – Address Stress – The Power of Calm

Dr. Michael Magwood starts this 30 minute workshop promptly at 6:30pm in the Clifton, NJ office as an interactive presentation.  As a chiropractor devoted to helping patients combat the effects of stress on the spine and nervous system, he will do the play calling for an epic battle within:  Stress as a physiological powerhouse vs. The Power of Calm, a relaxation response.

 – The Imperative:

75% of all visits to health practitioners are thought to be stress related

53% of employees surveyed report being “overwhelmed” with stress

66% of people feel stress negatively affects their health

– Reducing stress can…

Promote health and resilience

Enhance your performance

Support general wellbeing

– Why are existing corporate initiatives failing?

-Many fail to instill an appreciation of what employees are really dealing with, how it relates to them, or the inspiration to do something about it.

-They tend to focus on the psychology of stress (which is highly personal) – Many people don’t want to go there.

-Employees who do take the opportunity to attend are often left with little structure to support them post session.

-As a result the ubiquitous stress management “workshop” is rarely embraced.

Here, Dr. Magwood presents the Address Stress program, which is designed to break the cycle of modern-day stress. The aim is for you:

-To understand the nature of stress in a real physiological sense, how it affects health and performance and the tools and strategies to address it effectively.

-To access a powerful new relaxation app with a modern and convenient approach to reducing stress anywhere, any time.

-To access a 14-day self-supported program that’s simple, fun and effective, helping reduce stress immediately.

-Attendees have an option to purchase the Address Stress kit ($90), a versatile stress management solution for chiropractic patients that can be implemented quickly, and effectively into a wellness lifestyle.

            -Dr. Magwood will remain a resource and accountability coach for participants of the Address Stress program. For more information about our chiropractic practice or to register you and your guest for any of our workshops, visit workshops or call the office at 973-773-8244.