Corporate Ergonomic Assessment

Corporate Ergonomic Assessment

Is your workstation healthy?

Pure Balance Center provides Corporate Ergonomic Assessment services, applying improved biomechanical parameters to workstation designs. Dr. Michael Magwood’s approach is unique because it prioritizes the employee’s individual neurological functioning, stress response and personal health history. How employees use their work space is even more important than the furniture itself.

Corrective actions aim to reduce:
• Chronic pain
• Injury risk
• Absenteeism

Improving productivity and morale, employees successes are measured through Dr. Magwood’s functional measurements of posture, energy and anti-stress biofeedback tools. Contact Pure Balance Center to schedule a 20 minute executive presentation.

I am super happy I was referred to Dr. Magwood’s practice. It’s a very friendly place, with a strong desire to educate their patients and help them redefine their wellness. I feel totally safe and in good hands during my adjustments and I am feeling better already. These guys really know what they’re doing. I’ve been to two or three chiropractors before (for a one-off visit) and this practice ranks right at the top. Their holistic, healthy philosophy will rub off on you and you may be inspired to be healthier all-around.


Rosa N.