How can Auriculotherapy help?

Auriculotherapy is rooted in acupuncture, but uses a hand held micro-current device rather than needles. It provides electric stimulation of neurological points that are anatomically mapped out on the ear. The device is both a diagnostic and treatment tool that has been shown to be very helpful with pain management as well as a multitude of other disorders. Treatment is usually 15 minutes long and feels like a soft buzzing on the surface of the ear. Although auriculotherapy does not specifically treat disease, patients have had success with: low back pain, neck pain, numbness and tingling in arms or legs, circulatory disorders, headaches, shoulder pain, sciatica, GERD, IBS, chronic constipation, vertigo, asthma, allergies, chronic ear infections, bed-wetting, anxiety, depression, stress related disorders, colic, sexual dysfunctions, symptoms associated with: menopause, Diabetes, Parkinson’s, MS and ALS, and more. For those in recovery, our doctors use a set of auricular points developed by the American College of Addictionology and Compulsive Disorders that relate to the recovery form addictive behaviors and drug detoxification. These points are also successfully applied to people of all ages with ADD, ADHD, learning disabilities and compulsive behavior disorders.


Excellent service and very passionate about their work. Chronic pain due to herniated neck disc was alleviated and my quality of life went back to normal. I highly recommend them..


Alfakelly H.