Mental Health Coaching

Mental Health Coaching with Bernadette Silva, MA, CRC

Bernadette Silva, MA, CRC

Bernadette Silva, MA, CRC provides group and individual therapy. Bernadette holds a Master’s degree from New York University in Counseling and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Baruch College. She opened up her practice in 1998 to provide individual counseling with a specialty in career counseling.

She has conducted career seminars on resume writing, interviewing skills, career planning and innovative techniques for job searching. She consults for private and not-for-profit organizations providing outplacement services to displaced employees. Her specialty is in helping clients make career changes or re-inventing themselves to find their true passions.

In 2010 she began to provide career/case management and advocacy for individuals who are on Medicaid/Medicare, Social Security income or disability. Her approach is cognitive therapy based where clients learn ways to effectively make a change. Through active goal setting and coaching, Bernadette will help you determine the best options leaving you feeling satisfied with the direction you’re taking.

Mental Health Coaching Services Provided

  • Individual Therapy and Life Coaching (Adults and Teens)
  • Career Exploration/Assessment
  • Career Planning
  • Private Case Management & Advocacy
  • Academic Planning
  • Drug Counseling
  • Anger Management
  • Group Therapy

Who Can Benefit from Mental Health Coaching?

  • Anyone suffering from anxiety, depression or mood disorders
  • Anyone with a major mental or medical health condition that interferes with making a career change
  • Executives
  • Unemployed
  • Individuals who are stuck with making a career change
  • Individuals needing assistance in case management
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